Unlimited (unmetered) web hosting

Before start talking about unlimited web hosting let us review the limitations of the web hosting :
Limited services how much its importance The average that suite most of medium sites Do any company offer it unlimited in the world Companies that almost offer it unlimited
Disk space Very important 1000 MB and up NO www.1and1.com
Traffic Very important 50 GB/month and up NO


Requests/hour  Very important 15 000 requests/hour and up NO


Database requests/hour Very important 40 000 requests/hour and up NO


How many domains can you host on the same package Not Very important 2 YES www.hostgator.com
The number of allowed MySQL Databases important 2-3 YES www.hostgator.com
The number of allowed mail accounts Not Very important 100 and up YES www.hostgator.com
The number of allowed FTP accounts Important 5 YES www.hostgator.com
The allowed Sub-Domains Important 5 and up YES www.hostgator.com
the allowed Auto-Responders Not Very important 10 and up YES www.hostgator.com

Don be tricked by expressions like unmetered disk space .. jus think about it .. they are simply bet the your not gonna use more that some mega bites ..and remember that even resellers , virtual private servers and dedicated server have disk usage limit .. then how about shared hosting . then :

There is no unlimited web hosting

And also about unmetered monthly traffic over the earth . the whole traffic on the world are metered and has limit .

Requests/hour .. if you have a good traffic site you should consider this a lot .. web hosting companies consider it a lot but always try to keep it hidden within the policy or terms of use  not in the promotion page .. and even expert web masters some times don t know a lot about is . any way this number affect a lot the resource of the web hosting provider especially the RAM and the CPU .. so they are so strict forward it .

Data base Requests/hour the same as Requests/hour but it is for data base .. the large web hosting companies know good the importance of database for any web master so they always trying to rise up the allowed requests for it the the general files requests or hits . for that reason the run the database on a different server to get more requests and keep a good performance .

Read the policy of unlimited web hosting company (those pretend that they offer unmetered services ) and you will always find some thing like :

You are responsible for ensuring that  not consume excessive system or network resources spawning multiple processes, consuming excessive amounts of memory, CPU or bandwidth usage.

customers may have unlimited data transfer , excluding transfer from any database server . Customers must pay additional bandwidth fees for database server   that exceeds the plans limits, in the aggregate, during any calendar month .

This page will be always updated and more information will be adding as the web hosting is a hi growing sector and there are always new information .

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